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Corsoft Solutions integrate best of available technology to meet and exceed the needs of its target audience. We primary focus on delivering mobile solutions for any time use. Our solutions integrate rich diversified technologies from web and database services, distributed computing and data encryption for security to native device solutions for natural and user-intuitive interfaces.

We invite you to consider us for your development needs. We will commit ourselves to perfection for your deliverables to meet your objectives in value and time.

Current mobile solutions include:
  • ICEcare, An Emergency Preparedness Solution (Jan 2009)
    Help users survive through any personal and natural emergencies.

  • Warden, A Mobile Security Solution (Nov 1999)
    Help users secure their personal data even after the device is lost or misplaced.

Earlier mobile solutions include:
  • Aileron, A Mobile Messaging Solution (Sep 1996)
    Help users manage their personal and corporate mail from thier mobile device.

  • Plug2Net, A Mobile Connectivity Solution (Feb 2004)
    Help users attain mobile internet access via any internet aware Windows desktop.

Prior to its mobile solutions focus, Corsoft offered services and solutions to professional developers, serving the Client/Server market with technologies like: Visual C/C++/Basic, PowerBuilder, ObjectView with databases like SQL Server and Oracle. Solutions include:

  • CorDoc, A Code Documentation Solution for PowerBuilder (Jun 1995)
    A tool to help developers document code and improve maintenance productivity.

  • CorUtils, A Set of Developer Utilities for ObjectView (Nov 2004)
    A set of utilities to help developers build applications with Objectview.

We invite you to try our solutions. Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach us. We will be glad to help.

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