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ICEcare: In an emergency, every second counts.


Your mobile device is almost always with you.

In Case of an Emergency (ICE), if Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT's) and Paramedics could access all relevant information about you, including allergies and medications, then they would be able to provide you best possible treatment based on informed care.

In an emergency, every second counts...
When each and every second counts, absence of this information could prevent you from getting best possible care, which could impact recovery, and your life beyond that point!

Your mobile could save a life ... which could very well be yours!
In an emergency, you may be hurt and need help, or you may need to help someone else around you who may be hurt. ICEcare helps you in both of those situations:
  • If you are hurt, ICEcare helps facilitate informed care. Being informed, the EMT's do not have to guess or use a generic treatment plan. When every second counts, ICEcare empowers them to provide you best possible treatment right away.

  • If you are not hurt but need to help someone else who may be hurt, then ICEcare provides guidelines to conduct first aid. Though emergency support services are available at most times, they may not be available during natural disasters!
Disasters can strike anytime!
ICEcare includes guidelines to help you survive disasters. Being built on mobile platform, ICEcare provides foundation to communicate with pre-identified emergency contacts and offers simplicity for effective use at any time.

Get ICEcare: Being prepared helps you be safe!
For more information and to get started with emergency preparedness on your mobile device, sign up for ICEcare today. Go:

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