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Warden: Helping you be safe and secured!


Your mobile device is your total communication center.

Your mobile device enables you to communicate via voice and data. It provides you the mobile computing environment that can be used by many other applications. If your mobile device is lost or misplaced, then your trusted data can fall in wrong hands!

Warden helps you protect your mobile device and its data.
Warden is designed to be an unobtrusive -- It can be configured to prevent locking the device everytime. However, with Warden on your mobile device, you can secure your device remotely, even after it has been lost, misplaced or stolen.

Warden is the *ONLY* solution that provides antitheft security.
The best case security is not to lose the mobile device in the first place. Warden will auto-secure your device when used with Bluetooth enabled devices like a headset or a watch when the connection between the two gets terminated.

Warden is the *ONLY* solution that secures voice and data.
Your mobile device is your phone first! Your contacts may not know when you have lost your mobile device and may try to reach you after your device is misplaced. In wrong hands, this could lead to a fraudulent conversation!

Warden is the *ONLY* solution with support for emergency.
In case of an emergency, Warden can provide crital information about your medical history, allergies, medications and provide an easy way to connect with your family. It helps others connect you with your family when you are unable to make that call.

Warden helps retrieve your misplaced device.
If Warden secured device is located by a Good Samaritan, they would have the ability to return it back to its rightful owner without compromising the mobile data security,

Experience Warden Security and be safe and secured!
For more information or to experience Warden Security at no cost on your mobile device, go:

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